What began as a simple project roughly a decade ago has changed and remade itself over the intervening years. And 2022 will be a change as well.

Over the past several years, the effort spent trying to encourage people to reach out and write to one another became subsumed under a tidal wave of administration and complexity.  This I believe was the farthest thing from its original intent. Good cheer, fun, sharing, and joy. All steadied with a critical dose of passion for the handwritten word, and the instrument that creates it. There is nothing like it on earth. Nothing. Nothing can replace it.

February 2022 is a month to change that.

It still consists in inviting everyone to participate in a project where you write a piece of  correspondence and mail it. Once a day, every day, for the month of February.

That’s the simple idea behind the international, correspondence, writing, month.

Every year is a little different.  Like this year.  There is no address list.

While everything else remains the same, we’ve decided to make it a little more of a challenge.

Instead of a list of addresses. The rules of incowrimo-2022 ask that you:

— write and mail at least one piece of correspondence daily for the month of February.

— the correspondence should be to someone you know or always wanted to write to.

Back to basics.

That’s it.

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