paper copies – handwriting thoughts


As always with someone who spends their day with words and paper in all it’s many forms; a dense shadowy cloud outside the window is often felt with chill and alarm.

That being said, I would like to offer a couple of thoughts in response to the many general offers for help.

Two things have made their way to the forefront. Any person who is willing to take on any section of the Address Book is welcome to take a look as long as everyone doesn’t start with the letter ‘A’.

Possibly a response to the comments section saying what parts you’d like to tackle and a second response with the ensuing results.

Proof-reading the addresses is time consuming but pleasant during those hours when everyone else is asleep. And you’re busy pondering why superman can stop bullets with his chest, and yet he ducks every time a crook throws a heavy object at his head.

But back to the point at hand.

The spelling is assumed to be correct, unless there is something blatantly wrong. A word truncated in half, wrongly spelt or completely missing.

The order of the address whether abbreviated/condensed, or unfamiliar; has already been checked to meet international standards.

If a space is missing between two addresses, or an address has been clearly inserted into the middle of another address; this is clearly a cause for concern.

Each address should contain at the minimum of four things.

  • First, a reference to a final destination such as a doorway/box/bag or number.
  • Second, a well known building/street or reference point where the destination can be found.
  • Third, a town/city/district that administers the streets and buildings – (often with a code).
  • Fourth, a national country for the letter to arrive in.

Essentially that’s it.

Mishaps often happen, and we’d like to correct them as soon as possible. If you find anything that doesn’t look right. Mention it in the comments section. Keeping in mind of course that there is an updates and corrections page if it is your own address you would like changed. 

The second thought is that it might be wise if several participants, widely spread around the globe, were to copy and paste the address book into a plain text file for it’s ease of portability. Even better would be if that file could be printed and carefully placed onto a shelf or into a drawer.

I say this with hesitation, but I lived  for forty-five years without an internet and the miracle and foundation of this project would be very hard to revive or get off the ground should something happen. And should something happen; the necessity of having a community of conviviality, friendship and genuine human interest our lives, would seem to me to be a wonderful thing.

Writing letters is not a competitive business. And staying in touch by hand with one another, no matter how far we are physically apart, is a marvel of who we are.

A gift so rare it should not be lost. This is my current thought at least.

Possibly one or two plain text copies ..the corrected list should be completed by the end of the week. A few more after that, and a structure to update it and distribute it by post can be arranged afterwards, in a couple of weeks.

Please stay safe everyone, and if I may be so bold …pray.










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