I so wish I were writting this missive by hand to friends and new aquaintences to greet the coming spring and season of rebirth and joy. Alas I find myself homesick for my place amongst my countrymen — while, in the midst of family, still with strangers, in newly familiar surroundings, confined indoors for a period of indeterminate length.

And though I am only separated by a river, I am no closer than Moses ever was. It pains my heart.

This past two months, a special time of year, especially for this site and the many faithful and kind participants has been dashed upon the rocks. Only to wash up on the shores of an immense and difficult time replet with confusion and suffering. Perhaps this is the journey we all take it’s not for me to know?

What I have come to realize during the course of the last day, is the importance and depth of healing that comes from handwritten correspondence and news. For centuries it has served us well and has connected us through time and compassion. There is no reason for it to fail us now. Especially now.

It has been determined that envelopes and mail do not transmit the corona virus, nor any other. But it is not just this fact that brings me here. I realized today, more than ever, the importance of handwritten words. Words of joy, and sorrow mixed with anxious wondering and deliberation. Words of strength and friendship. Words of compassion and genuine human interest and caring. This is what this site is about ..a handwritten letter every day ..the name but personally believe a handwritten letter every day will serve us all.

I recognize that February has passed and am equally mournful of failed expectations. However I now have a stable place to work and all of the material, emails, comments address changes and lists again at my disposal and a functioning computer with which to work. There is no reason this project should go under. Nor is there anything truly standing in the way of change other than ourselves. I have started to comb through the information and files and will continue to do so as quickly as possible over the next couple of days in hope that we can have an address book up, running and growing over the next couple of days.

I propose that this project is much needed in the world right now and should run throughout the rest of the year. I believe like never before how important person to person and handwritten communication has always been and even more so, just become.

To all my friends and aquaintances, I send greetings and the sincerest of apologies. The universe has it’s dictates and we have little choice but to follow. To everyone I wish a warm and heartfelt welcome as we move forward to get this thing off the ground.

Most of all my deepest thank you for those who have been patient in waiting. May you all be equally blessed.



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