incowrimo-2020 update


Amongst many of the other details that have emerged over the past two weeks as the work gets underway for the upcoming new year and re-opening of the site for 2020; is that it will be my final year undertaking this project.

The combination of a recebt fall which broke a collarbone several days ago, added to the additional and combined other frailties of age have helped me to recognize it’s time to let go the iron grip on this project without leaving claw marks over the whole thing.

There are no definite plans for a transition or next year and I am interested in serious suggestions from the community, especially from those who have been here a number of years. I would like to see this project continue to flourish as I believe in the bottom of my heart that handwritten correspondence may be one of most important tasks humans can be undertaking at this moment in history.

Not only is it a deeply personal act, it is an investment in an unknown future to which we have contributed our humanity and reached out to say it is possible to share with one another,  to the support and enrichment of a growing family of friends.  Allowing us to celebrate our lives and hold fast to the important treasures that guide us.



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