Just 5 more days until all the remaining names come down from the 2019 year and we begin in earnest for incowrimo-2020.

We’ve thrown open the curtains and shutters, pulled the drapes off the old furniture and opened both the front door and the back to let some crisp fall air blow through the project and carry any dust and mites out into the yard.

Once the weather dips regularly below zero and the quilts and comforters have been out several times to freeze in the morning sunshine on the balcony rail, the sun reaching it’s low point on the horizon, dip, turn, and start moving northward again; it’s time to take out the pens, cleaning nibs and crusty old inkpots, organize the fineliners and put a new purple ribbon in the typewriter because before long you’ll be writing a handwritten missive to someone somewhere around the world every day for a month in incowrimo-2020.

As in the past years, all addresses will be removed from our 2019 address book at the end of this month and we will begin the preparations in earnest to get ready for February 01, 2020 and another year of writing letters.


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