the dog days of summer

So now that the sun has crossed it’s northern zenith and has headed once again towards the equator and farther south; it’s time to walk back into our archives, pull out the records, correspondence, charts and binders to organize a little and clean up as we push into the dog days of summer.


Mostly a matter of checking lists and cleaning up addresses at this point. We’d like to assure the following people that their comments were noted and the proper changes were made. Thanks to Estelle Briand, Martha Douglas, Mary Reynolds, Mary Wockenfuss, Sonja Vanderhaegen, Vibhas Misra, Amy Lyons, Mary Alexandri, Lena Lee, Mafalda Pires, Tracey Morozin, Megan Myburgh, Joe Still, Helena Eriksson, Gwen Armbrust, Evelee Morais, Pauline Stropiano, Asma Sadqi and Kelly Cozens for making life easier for us by providing corrected information.

We’ll be returning over the next couple of weeks to present a rather interesting story about reading and writing that has sparked our imagination this summer. Meanwhile a hearty thank-you to all the participants who have managed to create this wonderful project.

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