bem vindo a carnaval –


From its home on an ancient rocky hill just northeast of Kardzhali, Bulgaria, down through some seven-thousand years to its present exile – a balneario in southeastern Brasil – we all share in one of humanities greatest, most ancient and most potent celebrations, Carnaval.

It’s the subterranean chaos of the underworld that provides us power for transformation and freedom. Released from civilized constraint, indestructible life puts to death the old dead world of winter. Everything is turned upside down in wild and uncontrolled profusion. Invigorating fertilization. Seeds planted in the now warm and ready ground — newly settled neolithic humans look to the forces that provide them with their new ability to flourish.

We pay tribute to our deep connections with primal rhythms of life both terrifying and beyond our understanding or control.

In ecstatic celebration and freed from self-conscious fear we return to our primal state and become a challenge and cleansing purge to civilizations rules, inhibitions, and compulsion to coerce.

And every year we return again from this underworld liberated, clean and free.  Reborn by mystery through this act of creation that knows no bounds.




Perperikon photo by Nenko Lazarow CC BY 2.5

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