A thoughtful moment..

We received a comment this morning that caused us to step back a bit and reflect on a month of handwritten correspondence and think about what it might mean.

Taking  a thoughtful moment is often a rare and special gift of time and consideration in the world we live in. Most certainly it’s our belief that it doesn’t happen nearly enough.

We aren’t alone in recognising that handwritten correspondence is a thoughtful activity at it’s heart. The fact that for the month of February it’s directed outwards to both friends and strangers is pretty unique. Given the impersonal and rote responses we give to a sizeable chunk of our social interactions throughout the year, this makes it rather exceptional.

There was a time when much of life was conversational in tone. We’re not talking distant past, but easily within many of our lifetimes. Families, friends, neighbours, our local community where we bought, sold and traded things.  Festivities, reunions, ceremonies, and celebrations; much of it consisted of sharing personal stories in a conversational tone with people we knew and maybe didn’t know so well.




The recent advance of many technical achievements have encroached and eroded this process to a serious degree. Although we click, tweet, paste, post, respond, tap, swipe, and call this sharing; it’s a far cry from sitting down over a cup of coffee or tea to catch up in detail what may be occupying our thoughts and daily lives. Even when it’s hunches, feelings, musings, stories reshaped and unfolded, a personal, handwritten letter or conversation has a lasting presence in our day that’s difficult to capture or share any other way.

When we look at the larger picture, if only two thirds of the people who signed up only met half their objective of writing a letter every day — a minimum of fourteen-thousand people will have the opportunity to walk home from their mailbox this spring with an unopened letter in hand waiting to sit down and take some time to read it. We aren’t aware of many people who consider this a burdensome and sorry task. In fact, most people we know feel kind of special.

The fact that your contribution has a direct hand in making at least fourteen-thousand people around the planet feel special is no small matter. Making someone feel special is not as easy as it seems. Mostly because it requires a little consideration, time and actual effort combined with a little bit of  unselfish intent. All of which seem to be in very short supply.

In all likelihood more than fourteen-thousand letters will be written. Add to that the hundreds of people who found each other through this project who will continue writing throughout the year. This makes it all the more rewarding.

Maybe you haven’t received your letter yet, or maybe not enough letters, but we can assure you as you continue writing that the world is a better place for your contribution, and given time, your value will certainly be acknowledged.


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