St. Nicholas of Winter


As the days grow shorter and dark of winter closes around us, it’s time to leave the year and it’s troubles behind us as we remove our boots and set them by the door.  

Another year passed, to be rewarded as we lived it — be it coin, rod or black lump of coal.

We start to gather together as family and friends, to share in the year’s companionship, nourishment and warmth.

And at the same time, there are many amongst us, who are frightened, friendless and alone.  The poor, the marginalised and suffering.  Children, the sick and infirm. All are souls who require our help. These are the ones that aren’t able to make it through these forbidding – cold – dark times on their own.

That’s why we’re reminded to reach out and share.  To give of our fortune and wealth. To ask on behalf of others. To find and celebrate compassion and love… and pray that we might not fall short.

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